About Desi Isidro, LCSW @ Life-haus Therapeutic Solutions

Desi Isidro is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Counselor and Psychotherapist with a Masters Degree from New York University School of Social Work. She is a Certified Lifestyle System Coach for Weight Management and Wellness. Her private practice in Livingston and Summit, New Jersey concentrates on psychiatric disorders, psychological pain management, weight management and wellness dedicated to children, adolescents, and the adult population.

Focus of Treatment

Desi Isidro has hands-on training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychological pain management, and weight management. She integrates an effective blend of holistic and collaborative treatment modalities including solution-focused psychotherapy, strength-based psychotherapy, or brief crisis intervention in an effort to instill hope and promote recovery and wellness. She provides genuineness, empathy, respect and unconditional positive regard for her patients. She creates a safe and supportive place to explore and confront issues, facilitates self-awareness and acceptance, provides insights, helps improve personal relationships, and paves the way to reaching the patient’s potential for change, growth and fulfillment. She is currently running a very successful weight management and wellness group and an effective parenting group. Her work experience also includes psycho-education, guidance and counseling, as well as case management.

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