I will never forget my first phone call to your office. That particular day the pain I experienced from fibromyalgia was unbearable and I could hardly move. I was very frightened and went to the phone book in tears praying for a miracle. You, Doctor Ralph, were the answer to my prayers.

I knew from speaking with you on the phone that you were compassionate and experienced in treating fibromyalgia patients because you told me to “come right over” even though I was a stranger and you were closed for lunch!

Having suffered with this chronic condition for over 15 years, I often experience deep pain from head to toe, but particularly in my hips and neck making just walking or working on the computer very difficult. You always seem to know exactly where my triggers points are and I find tremendous relief from your massage before adjusting technique. It’s a comfort to know you are there for my family too, treating my children for sports injuries or pain due to overly heavy backpacks.

I highly recommend Livingston Chiropractic. Doctor Ralph, you have a true gift or healing touch and becoming your patient has greatly improved the quality of my life. You and your staff are always so patient and and accommodating and you consistently provide excellent and compassionate care. The fact that you accept medical insurance has allowed me to get the care I need.

I cannot imagine NOT being a patient!

With sincere gratitude,


I first came to see Dr. Santonastaso about 3 months ago. I felt better after the first visit. Over the past few months my chronic headaches have disappeared and I no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders, thanks to the treatments I receive here at Livingston Chirorpractic.


I can’t begin to say how much Dr. Ralph has helped me. I started with chiropractic care years ago but have never found the relief of lower back pain that I have now. It became even more important after I became pregnant. I have not had one twinge of pain since I started seeing Dr. Ralph in my second month and I plan on seeing him throughout my entire pregnancy and of course after the baby comes. I recommend him to everyone.


I was once afraid of chiropractors. I had good reason to be. I usually left their offices feeling worse than when I went in. Then, Ralph was recommended to me because his techniques were “different”. He is indeed different. When I leave Dr. Ralph’s office I feel like dancing. His massages are soothing, his adjustments are gentle and his personality is the greatest!


I was suffering from daily tension headaches for at least a month. The headaches occured during the day as well as during the night. I woke up every day with a headache. Tylenol or Advil would help for a few hours, but guaranteed, my headache would return. A friend recommended to go to Dr. Ralph as he had helped relieve her pain. Dr. Ralph recognized all my symptoms and said he could and would help me. I am now headache free. My visits were painless and actually quite soothing. Dr. Ralph is very friendly, and supportive and he has brought me back to my normal painless self.


I’ve been coming to Dr. Ralph for the past 5 years for numerous ailments(back, shoulder, neck and rotator cuff). In each instance, Dr. Ralph relieved the pain with his adjustments.


I was getting a lot of headaches due to stress and tension. After seeing Dr. Ralph my headaches became less and less to where I don’t get them anymore. Dr. Ralph’s treatments helped me after a few weeks. Dr. Ralph is so wonderful I would recommend his treatments to everyone!